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A Marriage Strike is now in effect!!

A Marriage Strike has been declared in order to stop the destruction of the institution of marriage and the devastation of the family unit.

The system is badly broken and needs to be fixed immediately as we are facing an unprecedented social crisis. The present methods to reform the system are now very slow to be implemented and appear to have little promise for a resolution in the near future. Read about the destruction here in an article by the highly respected author Dr. Stephen K. Baskerville, PhD who Assistant Professor of Political Science at Patrick Henry College and past president of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children..

Divorces are the result of the breakdown of the family unit in America today. The Federal government is spending billions of your tax dollars to promote marriages while the State governments have passed legislation to encourage the dissolution of marriages with no-fault divorces and liberal alimony entitlements..

No-fault divorce laws combined with the liberal financial benefits normally granted to one of the spouses provides a great "incentive" to the breakup of a marriage. Divorces can be had with as little as a declaration of "irreconcilable differences" from one of the spouses. The ease with which this can be accomplished combined with the promise of at least half of the assets, pensions and retirement funds, child support if there are children and a lifetime of alimony welfare support payments are the incentive for a dissatisfied spouse to terminate the marriage with the other spouse picking up the bill. The divorce rate hovering around 50% and the number of unmarried households outnumbering the married households supports this view.

In the wake of these no-fault laws comes the legal profession to feed off the divorces and misery caused by a marriage turned sour and which profits them to the tune of billions of dollars annually. Not only does the legal profession profit, but there is an incentive for the States to facilitate this progress because they profit from this dissolution process by taking advantage of the grants offered to them in their course of overseeing this misery. In addition, the U.S.A. is spending $ 46 Billion every year on programs caused due to broken families.

If you will notice, the courts in many states are requiring all alimony and child-support payments to be made through a State Disbursement Unit (DSU) (or something similar). From the State's administration of this system the Federal Government provides grants to the States to cover a portion of their costs. For example, In the fiscal year ending in 1998, the State of Utah received nearly $1.4 Billion from the federal government, of which the lion's share, $907 Million, went to "Human Services". This is four and half times as much as was provided for education, and six times what was provided for transportation. To receive federal money, the State must comply with federal laws establishing unprecedented control over every aspect of family life.

Self-perpetuating Legal System

Reflect on the fact that legislatures are composed largely of lawyers who make the laws affecting your marriage and your life. These laws are administered by judges who are all attorneys promoted or elected to that position. Considering the hefty legal fees that they charge and the resulting profits to be made from the adversarial nature of divorces, you can see that the legal profession is a self-perpetuating system and it is to their advantage to encourage all these laws as a matter of job security for themselves.

Ask anyone who has gone through the trauma of a divorce and you will find that not only has a large portion of their finances been devoured by legal fees, but one of the spouses has been placed under a financial hardship for the rest of their lives. Oftentimes being divorced becomes a matter of FINANCIAL SUICIDE for one of the spouses.

One of the other big tragedies of the divorces have been the loss of meaningful contact with the children who have been taken out of the lives of the non-custodial parent. The effects of this can be seen not only from the statistics showing the problems in the children adjusting to be responsible citizens when they grow up, but from their attitudes towards society and the moral and ethical standards it is suppose to represent.

The divorce laws, purportedly being gender neutral, apply their divorce laws to not only men but to women as well. The Bureau of Labor Statistics department figures indicate that over 33 percent of women in households today are the breadwinners of the family earning more than the men. In fact, more than 10 million married women in the U.S. earn more than their husbands these days, and the number grows each year. From these statistics, it can be seen that, in the near future, more women will be subjected to paying alimony just as men are now.

You can now see that the ease of getting a divorce combined with the incentives to a spouse, the government and the legal profession are leading to the destruction of the family in our society. We need to stop this process and to do this we need to get the legislators and the courts to take notice. We can do this by removing the profit incentive from them.

We need to stop the legal systems that has grown into a symbiotic "professional" economy which has emerged to "process" divorce, support and custody issues in a complex comparable to the military-industrial complex.

No Marriages Equates To No Divorces

No marriages means no divorces. No divorces means no legal proceedings, No legal proceedings means no attorneys or courts involved in your life. And all that means that no profits will be made off the divorce process because there will be none. When there are no profits to be made, only then will they sit up and take notice.

The only way the courts and the legislators will take notice of the inequities of the family law injustice system is if we make our voices heard with a showing of a reduction in the marriage rate. Only you can make it happen.

Make our voices heard and help stop runaway alimony rulings. Join in the strike by canceling any plans for marriage and get everyone else you know who is contemplating marriage to do the same.

No more do we want to have our children removed from our lives and controlled by the courts and ex-spouse, to suffer financial suicide for the rest of our lives, to provide alimony welfare to ex-spouses who refuse to become self-sufficient and useful members of society, to have our family assets drained by the legal industry, and to not have closure to an unfortunate occurrence in our lives.

You can only prevent this from occurring by supporting this effort with your forbearance from marriage and recruiting other to do the same. 

Past efforts to get the media to expose the issue of family law abuse and injustices have been unsuccessful for reasons unknown. But now, more attention is being given to the emerging statistics showing that the Marriage Strike is proving highly effective in changing the institution of marriage in America.

Efforts are being made by small groups of people who have banded together in an attempt to change the laws through court challenges and passing legislative initiatives. These attempts are a slow, expensive and time consuming operation with an uncertain outcome. Such groups are:

Now Is The Time To Bring It Out In The Open!

The Marriage Strike is already underway and growing. Until recently, it has not officially been declared but has been sort of an underground movement. Statistics are now showing that there is an overwhelming change in the institution of marriage due to this strike. Pass the word around and get others to join in our strike to awaken our legislators to reform the alimony laws to be equitable for both spouses and to stop destroying the family unity.

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